Sunday, April 22, 2012

Social Media Networking Events in Pittsburgh

The word "networking" suggests ideas of boring suit-and-tie meetings. The thought of navigating a room full of stuffy suits and big egos can be daunting. However, if you would like to meet professionals without encountering an Old Boys' Club, there is hope. I discovered many networking events through social media sites - Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn - where the high profile business attire was left at home. Events like Open Coffee Club at AlphaLab, Startup Weekend Pittsburgh, and the Social Media Group Pittsburgh Speaker Series allowed me to have fun, meet interesting people, and collaborate on new projects in the company of forward-thinking experts in technology, business, and social media marketing.

If you are wondering what engaging professional networking events look like, I have compiled photos taken since the beginning of 2012 from meetups around the city:

Open Coffee Club at AlphaLab in the Southside (February 10, 2012):

RhoMania Wine Tasting at Red Door Gallery in the Southside (March 11, 2012):

Startup Weekend Pittsburgh at Carnegie Lecture Hall in Oakland (March 23-25, 2012):

Obscure Games Meetup at Hambone's Pub in Lawrenceville (March 28, 2012):

Pittsburgh Tweetup at Piper's Pub in the Southside (March 28, 2012):

Carnegie Mellon University Code App-a-thon in Oakland (March 30, 2012):

"Crunchy" Art Show at the Rocking Horse Artspace in Lawrenceville (April 13, 2012):

SUD:PGH Startup Drinks at Hough's in Greenfield (April 19, 2012):

Social Media Group Pittsburgh Speaker Series at the Benedum Center in Downtown (April 20, 2012):

Check the Pittsburgh Events Calendar for upcoming technology, art, and business meetups. Please contact Jaclyn Vesci (@JVesci on Twitter) by emailing with new events, ideas and projects you are working on. I'd love to meet you around town!

Also, tell the world about the exciting projects you are working on! Snap a picture. Post it on Twitter. Create an event page on Facebook. Write a blog post. Get out around town and interact with people that enjoy the same types of projects as you do. Let's make Pittsburgh the most connected city in the world. Want to see how connected Pittsburgh is now? Look at this amazing CMU research project map from Livehoods!