Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pittsburgh Dad and Childhood Memories

Times were simpler when we were kids, right?

The biggest thing to worry about was getting hollered at by Dad: Did you leave the door open? You're letting all the heat out! Did you shut the lights off? Are you paying the electric bill? Did you wash your dishes in the sink? They're not going to wash themselves!

Growing up in a Pittsburgh family during the 80s, I remember when my parents yelled, kids played outside, and the whole city watched the Steelers every season with chips and pop in hand. We all had the same frame of reference. There were limited channels, just a few Nintendo games, and no internet connections. The world was as big as your backyard and all the land was ruled by your father.

So when filmmakers Curt Wootton and Chris Preksta decided to upload YouTube videos based on their experiences growing up around Pittsburgh, people tuned in and saw a little bit of their own Pittsburgh childhoods. The first video, called "Meet Pittburgh Dad," was uploaded to YouTube on October 25, 2011. Director Chris Preksta used his iPhone to film Pittsburgh Dad (Curt Wootton) yelling in front of a screen door at unseen kids supposedly playing in the backyard pool. They expected to send the video to family and friends for laughs. By the end of the first day the video had over 1,000 views.

Since then they have made short clips about Slip N' Slides, Watching the Steelers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Going to Church, and "The Good Living Room," while accumulating over 1 million views online. New episodes are now posted every Tuesday and Thursday. Find Pittsburgh Dad on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, YouTube.

How many times do I have to tell yinz to watch these videos? Geez Louise!

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