Friday, July 1, 2011

Social Media Day 2011 - Pittsburgh, PA


Last year, started a "Social Media Day" around the world to celebrate online connectivity. In accordance with the new online holiday, around 80 twitter-ers in Pittsburgh, PA met at the Carnegie Science Center in the roboworld exhibit to recognize Social Media Day 2011. We mingled amongst the robots including C-3PO, R2-D2, and an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. I even played air hockey against an unbeatable robot.

I met three social media mavens, @techburgh, @scarehousescott, and @mahramus, using twitter handles. I only know their real names after checking twitter, but here is more about them: Andy Quayle @techburgh is an IT Professional, writer of the TechBurgh blog, and founder of the web hosting company Tubu Internet Solutions. Scott Simmons @ScareHouseScott is the Creative Director of TheScareHouse, a haunted house in Pittsburgh named as one of America's best by Travel Channel. According to the website, "Pittsburgh Zombies" is a new haunted attraction starting this Halloween season, can't wait to check that out! Anthony Mahramus @mahramus won the Boba Fett backpack pictured above after completing the scavenger hunt sponsored by Brunner, BHiveLab, and LoyalTree Rewards. The scavenger hunt consisted of four different QR Codes set up around the Carnegie Science Center directing smartphone users with a LoyalTree app and barcode scanning technology. Very geek-tastic!

Next to the roboworld exhibit you will find a walking tour of western Pennsylvania at the Miniature Railroad & Village train exhibit. Hundreds of hand-built scale models fill the room while miniature trains ride alongside. In the pictures above, I have included the new Fallingwater model display and Forbes Field. Truly a Pittsburgh must-see.

After the meetup, I went to The Rivers Casino and won $48! Great day for Pittsburgh, social media, and beating the odds.