Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corporate Blogging...zzz...but wait...

When corporations think about blogging they shouldn't think about revenue, acquisitions, and liabilities.  To make a connection with their audience, they should think of their company like a family and their blog posts like conversations around the dinner table.  The best dinner table moments happen when you feel full and satisfied like your time wasn't wasted.  Topics can range from interesting things you saw that day to what you learned in school, but while your story may be educational, it should not be boring.  And if you're lucky, you might say something humorous enough that someone shoots milk out of their nose.

The following three company blogs make me feel at home:

1) Whole Story: The Official Whole Foods Market Blog

Visiting Whole Story is kind of like talking to the owner of Whole Foods while he sets out the produce and you rummage through the cucumbers. He give you some suggestions for snacks while you watch the big game, tells you about a movie he watched recently, and lets you know about his recent involvement in the community.  He asks you "how are things?"  Finally, he wishes you well and tells you he hopes to see you back again real soon.

2) Salty Caramel: Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream Blog

Jeni's Ice Cream is a local Columbus, Ohio establishment delivering interesting and unique ice cream flavors.  Trying Jeni's ice cream is like going on a first date.  Even if you are just starting out and you like some things, but you're not sure about other things, the relationship is still full of potential.  Some of the new flavors currently featured on the blog include: Corn Syrup with Whiskey & Pecans, Kir Sorbet, and Ugandan Vanilla Bean.

3) The Ikea Blog

This isn't actually Ikea's corporate blog, but it should be!  Most of the posts on this blog praise the sleek designs and products available at Ikea, with a few insults thrown in to make sure their head doesn't get too big.  This blog is like your mom telling you how proud she is of your accomplishments while your older brother gives you a charlie horse with a punch to the thigh.  It would be very refreshing if corporate blogs could make fun of themselves, or at least didn't take themselves so seriously.

Invite your readers to come to the dinner table and hear your stories.  Create a delicious meal.  But remember, the reader doesn't have to sit politely through the whole meal, in fact, they will probably leave as soon as you ask them to eat their vegetables.

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